Montreal Textile Distributor - Kaztex Canada

Founded in 1993, Kaztex Inc. has proven to be a major supplier of fabrics in the North American apparel and consumer product manufacturing industry. Giving 100% commitment and dedication to our clients through carefully detailed evaluation and thorough implementation, Kaztex Canada aspires to fulfill this vision today, tomorrow and in the future.

Kaztex is up-to-date with the most recent trends, and the way we run our business is changing along with consumer demands. The modern world is no longer a seller's market. Consumer behavior has changed. People just won't passively buy whatever you sell on the market. The consumer's right to choose has to be respected. Depth marketing is respecting, under-standing and staying on top of the new supply and demand relationships derived and inspired from changes in fundamental consumer behavior. Satisfying the changing preferences of consumers today and tomorrow is the secret of Kaztex's successful business operation. We never forget that our customer always comes first!

This is an age where businesses must create added value to survive. Thinking creatively is a fundamental criteria for a business' competitiveness. A product's competitiveness is determined by whether the company itself is creative and insightful. The overwhelming positive response that Kaztex has received from consumers is due to the fact that we are constantly in pace with the times.

Kaztex also manufactures Garments!

With our expertise in producing high-quality fabrics we can always ensure that only the best components are used in our garments.

Made to order at your specifications, Kaztex offers you the highest quality fabrics and garments at the best possible prices!

Also, with the increasing concern for environmentally friendly fabrics and garments, Kaztex has carved itself a niche by specializing in 100% cotton fashion fabrics. Whether in their natural form, dyed or printed, Kaztex supplies high-quality goods at competitive prices.

Kaztex provides fast on-time delivery, low minimums and in-stock and import programs. Don't forget, we can also custom print, dye, emboss and embroider all of our fabrics and garments.

Here at Kaztex, we can do it all for you!